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Marketing Project Manager, Digital Vision/Getty Images

August 13, 2009

I’m pleased to provide the following personal letter of recommendation for Virginia Wishart, who worked as Marketing Editor and latterly Marketing Project Manager at Digital Vision from February 2002 to June 2005 and who, from January 2004 onwards, reported directly to me in my capacity as Marcoms Manager.


During this time, Virginia proved herself to be an invaluable member of the Marketing team. She brought great knowledge, considerable passion, creativity and superb copywriting skills to her role, consistently demonstrating an understanding of and empathy for our customer base of creative professionals.


She was instrumental in developing Digital Vision’s brand guidelines and much of the company’s overall brand identity. The strength of the Digital Vision brand was cited by Getty Images as being one of the main drivers behind its acquisition of the company in April 2005.


Perhaps her most significant single contribution, however, was conceiving, planning, writing and project managing DV magazine, the company’s principal quarterly customer communication. In producing it, Virginia demonstrated not only great team working and management skills but her ability to consistently deliver inspiring and effective copy.


In summary, it was a pleasure working with someone as knowledgeable, dependable and people-focused as Virginia and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to a company that is committed to outstanding marketing.


David Stanley

Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

Getty Images    

Marketing Project Manager, Digital Vision/Getty Images

September 3, 2009

To whom it may concern,


Virginia Wishart was under my employ at Digital Vision from early 2002 until the company was sold to Getty Images in June of 2005.


I found Miss Wishart to be a dedicated, hard-working employee, going above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis to ensure that deadlines were met and creative standards were upheld on all web, electronic and print marketing materials.


Virginia is a lateral thinker, who is always willing to share her ideas with the rest of her team, consistently posing creative solutions to problematic business scenarios. She is an excellent copywriter and communicator, and acted as “the voice” of the company across all mediums in her time with Digital Vision.


I would not hesitate to recommend Virginia for any creative, marketing or business administration position she chooses to turn her hand to.


Yours sincerely


Mike Watson


Marketing Manager, Image Source

25th August 2009

I am pleased to offer the following reference for Miss Virginia Wishart. Virginia was employed in the capacity of Marketing Manager for Image Source from August 2005 to May 2007, reporting directly to me in my capacity as Marketing Director.


Virginia played a pivotal role in all customer retention and acquisition activities, from involvement in initial planning through to creative execution; supporting both our direct sales operations in London, New York and Köln, as well as our international sales channel, comprising over 200 distribution partners across 85 countries.


Virginia’s knowledge of the industry was second to none. She also proved herself to be an excellent people manager. In managing the operational marketing team, she fostered an encouraging, creative environment, focusing on the professional development of each of her reports, while pushing them to ensure deadlines were met and quality standards adhered to.


As part of her marketing management duties, Virginia was also responsible for all written communications for the company. She demonstrated excellent copywriting abilities, helping to build an ever-stronger Image Source brand while focusing on the needs of the customer.


Virginia is a multi-talented employee, a passionate marketeer and I believe she would be an invaluable addition to any marketing, creative or business administration team.


Kind regards


Phil Jennings

Marketing Director

Image Source

Marketing Manager/Coordinator, Jayman MasterBUILT

September 25 2009

To whom it may concern,


Please accept this document as a letter of reference for Virginia Wishart. I had the good fortune of hiring Virginia as my direct report at Jayman MasterBUILT, during my tenure at the company as VP of Marketing in 2008.


Virginia repeatedly exceeded the expectations I had of her as my Marketing Manager, with her in-depth, analytical perception of virtually any business scenario she was presented with. She took a logical, solution-driven approach to problems and was always willing to share her ideas with the rest of the team.


Virginia also exceeded my expectations with her creative talents, acting as a “one woman show” for the two divisions she was charged with. She was passionate about creating client-focused communications, demonstrating exceptional copywriting skills and setting a new, much higher, standard for the company.  


In addition to these outstanding qualities as both a marketing and business professional, Virginia also proved to be a self-directed employee, yet was always willing to assist in whatever area needed attention – including the development of data capture and reporting tools for her colleagues.


It is unfortunate that, due to a major downturn in the Calgary housing market and the global economic climate, the company was forced to let Virginia go at the end of 2008. I believe, had she been able to remain, she would have taken the company’s marketing efforts to new heights.


I would not hesitate to hire Virginia again, given the opportunity. She is a major asset to any organisation and will undoubtedly go on to do great things in whatever field she decides to go into.


Domenic Buonincontri

Principal, Kubix Corp

(Former VP Marketing, Jayman)


Communications Officer, University of Lethbridge

December 16, 2011

To whom it may concern,


Having met Virginia at the last year by correspondence, I met her in person this Fall (2011). Over the course of our contact, I have come to appreciate her position and all the hard work she does for this institution. As the DELF-DALF Centre Director, I was contacted by Virginia to work on publicity items and the Department of Modern Languages recruitment brochure. She was friendly, open to suggestions and had many good ideas with respect to the Dept's brochure and the one that I asked her to prepare for the Centre.


Virginia prepared an advertisement for this year's testing period and I found the advertisement to be excellent. She understood the market, what we were trying to sell and found an interesting and appealing way of approaching the task. I showed the advertisement to others and they felt that it was "great", too. It played on the attractive aspect of French and we as a committee felt that we should adopt it for other publicity documents. When requesting changes, she understood them, made constructive suggestions and carried them out efficiently.


In my opinion, Virginia is a competent, hard-working person who is easy to work with and who possesses the right amount of professionalism and enthusiasm. Simply put, she is a bubbly, intelligent person seems to know her "stuff" and who is looking to make a difference and help those in the University that require marketing services. She has always responded to e-mails in a timely fashion and has always tried to facilitate communication so that the job gets done. Her suggestions are well-informed and I believe that she is an asset to this University and its campaign to develop and promote its new mandate as a comprehensive university that is playing a major role in the education of future generations.


If you have any other questions with respect to my contact with Virginia, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone.





Steven URQUHART, Ph.D. 

Dept of Modern Languages 

University of Lethbridge 



As Coordinator of Urban and Regional Studies, I worked with Virginia Wishart from 2009 until June 2011. I was impressed that she seemed to have a grasp of the macro-scale university-wide communications and web issues while understanding the pragmatic challenges of a relatively small multidisciplinary program within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Virginia listened carefully, and responded appropriately and even astutely to my needs as Coordinator while 1) coping with competing demands on her time from within the faculty and 2) dealing with the constraints of an institutional communication program that is still developing. Under these circumstances, and from my perspective, I was completely satisfied with Virginia Wishart’s communications work (web and brochures) for Urban and Regional Studies during the time I was Coordinator.  


Ian MacLachlan    


Professor Ian MacLachlan

Department of Geography

University of Lethbridge




It is my pleasure to recommend Virginia Wishart's work at the University of Lethbridge. My interactions with Virginia have been with regard to the creation of new brochures for A&S departments and the development of our new website including training to modify and add content to our site. Virginia has been professional and pleasant to work with on both projects.

We had significant concerns about the images and text for the Religious Studies brochure because our discipline is often misunderstood and images and text can easily perpetuate the mistaken idea that we promote a religious agenda rather than study and teach about religion. Virginia was open to these concerns and helpful in collaboratively creating a brochure that would simultaneously be attractive to incoming students and responsive to our concerns of rectifying rather than exacerbating misunderstandings. She has also been consistently available and helpful in working on the website including holding multiple training sessions to guide us through the various phases of its development.




John Harding


John S. Harding

Associate Professor and Chair

Religious Studies

University of Lethbridge



Ms. Virginia Wishart is a very friendly and professional colleague whose work is of the highest quality.  She has been a tremendous asset to the faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Lethbridge.  She is very reliable and dedicated.  I can always count on her to accomplish her tasks. Kenneth Vos On Leave

Physics and Astronomy
University of Lethbridge


Hello Virginia,

I would also like to thank-you for all your assistance this year.  The brochures and banners are a great addition to our departmental information and recruiting materials. Your help with our web pages is also greatly appreciated.  We have found the new web pages a source of great frustration.  You have made it much easier to deal with the transition to the new pages.  I expect to be contacting you next year as we continue our work on our departmental site.

Best wishes,

L. Brent Selinger
Professor and Chair
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Lethbridge


Virginia Wishart did an outstanding job overseeing the conversion and redesign of our department’s website over the last several years, and her assistance has been invaluable in designing promotional material (posters, banners) for our department. We don’t have the time or the resources for these activities, so we would have been lost without her skills and her help.

David Siminovitch

Physics and Astronomy

University of Lethbridge



It has been a pleasure working with Virginia Wishart over the past year, and I would like to commend her for all her efforts in developing and implementing the new Department websites and most recently the posters.


Virginia is extremely knowledgeable with the Drupal websites and a valued resource person for myself. She has ensured that the Physics & Astronomy website contained the information the Department requested and that the end product looked great and is working very well.


Anytime I had questions or concerns with the website or just needed assistance with adding or rearranging information; Virginia got it solved for me in a timely manner or was able to assist me in working directly on the website as well.


Virginia all you have done for the Physics & Astronomy Department is greatly appreciated!


Thank you and keep up the good work. Look forward to working more with you in the future.


Laurie Scott

Admin Support

Physics & Astronomy


I’ve worked with Virginia Wishart for almost 3 years now and during this time I’ve watched her accomplish great things for the Faculty of Arts & Science. She has an abundance of industry knowledge that directly relates to her role as a Communications Officer for the University of Lethbridge. Through her mentorship, my communications and design abilities have developed considerably. As a team, her experience and ability to “stay the course” during adversity, has allowed us to achieve great things for the Faculty of Arts & Science and ultimately the University of Lethbridge.

Catharine Reader

University of Lethbridge

Co-operative Education & Internships


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